About Me


Rosil SelfieMy name’s Rosalind AKA Rosil and I suppose that this is where I tell you about myself! To be honest, like most British people, this isn’t exactly my forte. As a culture, we’re not really into talking about ourselves, are we? And to be honest, although this blog will be my place to express my opinions, I don’t really intend to talk very much about myself directly. Why? Because who cares about me? I don’t mean that in a self-deprecating way. What I mean is that there is so much going on outside of my adventures to foreign lands, catch ups with friends, obsessions with various TV shows and my endless photos of food!

Sometimes these things are important, and I’ll share them when they are, but mostly it’s just life, and it’s personal. You’re welcome to follow me on instagram where you will mostly be able to view the aforementioned food and travel pictures. You can also contact or follow me in other ways, listed on my contact page.


With this blog, I have two main aims. Firstly I want to improve my writing skills as I have loved reading and writing for as long as I can remember – my mum still reminds me regularly of the poem I dictated before I could write! Written and editorial work is something that I would like to do professionally. I love language and how expressive it can be, the magical quality of forced hallucination that you experience when reading a good book. The way an article can educate and persuade you of something in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea. As I write this, I am looking into taking a diploma course in Journalism or something similar that I can do on the side of my job.

My second aim is to express my views and to raise awareness to the issues I feel are important. I have always had diverse interests and my blog reflects this. I have two categories, Nature and Design. I have separate ‘about’ pages for each, so that you can gain some insight into why I have chosen these and what they mean to me.

A little bit about my life so far…

I have studied dance and architecture (separately) at college and university. I love both and I fully intend to work in the architectural field in my life, though I don’t at present. I have taught dance. I know that I’m a good teacher and while I find it rewarding, I have resolved to never become a teacher. This is because both my parents are Primary School teachers and I have seen first hand the amount of work that goes into a profession without much opportunity for career development and the limiting prospects of working for the council.

At present, I work in a managerial position in a small company in London, having moved from my homeland of Scotland in 2015. I love it down here, it’s so much warmer! Please don’t misunderstand, I am very proud of my Scottish roots and my country will forever be in my heart.

But London is a place I have always wanted to live. It thrills me that I have so many opportunities to experience the innovative culture, the multicultural demographic along with the beauty of an old and meaningfully historic city mixed seamlessly (sometimes) with the modern world. Since moving here, I started learning Northern Mantis Kung Fu, passed my CBT and bought my first motorbike (yes, I’m badass!) and had the opportunity to travel much more often than I would have been able to before! I have also eaten at some delicious restaurants. Quality and diversity of which my beautiful part of Scotland is sadly deprived. I can only feel excitement for my future in London, to see what else it will bring me.

My YBR125, my first bike.

Some websites/articles I have written or collaborated on elsewhere