OFIS Arhitekti

I was just scrolling through Dezeen when I came across this design by OFIS architects.

It caught my attention because of the unusual roof design, and also because I just love timber (but to be honest, who doesn’t?).

Having not heard of OFIS previously, I had a look at their site.

Firstly, I like their website, it is slick and simple and represents their style and makes them look really professional. I don’t know if it’s bad, but I judge companies on their website. Obviously not completely, but it irritates me when (current) architects do not have an online presence or if it looks too amateur etc as this is the future and I don’t understand how they expect to get any business or to inspire young architects like me! Perhaps I notice it more because my boyfriend is a software developer, but I do believe that it is a very important part of your career.

Ok, secondly. I noticed from the brief look I had before decided that I wanted to blog about them that their buildings are very in touch with their surroundings, which  I really like.

I like a lot of their designs and I can see that there is so much more to them than can initially be seen. I also love it when professionals include their model pictures on their sites, just from the point of view of a student, it can give new ideas for techniques. Their architecture is exciting and modern and I would like to investigate them further, and visit at least one of their buildings.

Maybe I can visit Maldives resort? I want to go to the Maldives anyway and these apartments also demonstrate how in touch they are with their site as it fits in perfectly with the style and the way they have used the timber connects with the trees on the island as well as having open space to enjoy the sea and beautiful weather.
I am very ready for it to stop being Winter right now!

On another note, I also like these designs by them:

 I like the concept for this one as coming from railway tracks. I know I need to think more about concepts for my own projects.

What do you think?

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