The Scottish Referendum

I’m Scottish and so I will definitely be voting in the referendum in September on whether or not we should go independent from the UK.

The main things that ‘Better Together’ are currently leaning on seem to be: “you don’t have any straight answers” (I have heard plenty of straight answers from both Salmond and online via the Yes campaign) and “But the money! The oil!” Again, there are answers. If you choose not to hear them, it isn’t the same thing.

Certain things irritate me about what I have heard from voters. Such as voting no because you don’t like Salmond or the SNP, or voting yes because you don’t like the Tories. It is so much bigger than that! The facts are that the voting system in the UK is horribly undemocratic and it should change, and whatever the outcome, I hope that that will change. But at the end of the day, we have a government who we didn’t vote for. And we won’t unless it changes or we leave the UK. That, again is a separate issue, because hopefully it will change. Secondly, why do people somehow assume that a vote for independence equals a vote for SNP to rule us forever more? No they aren’t perfect. Some people prefer them and some people don’t. What they are is a means to an end. To get independence. Of course we will still have other parties, and hopefully even more will rise up in the new, independent Scotland, to give us even more choice.

Something else really irritates me. These letters from celebrities, architects and goodness only knows who else. I really hope that nobody sees some vaguely famous person’s name on a list of people supporting their own beliefs and allows that to sway their vote. Ah well, an actor in England thinks I should vote “no” because he wants to hug me? So what. Everyone has their beliefs. And with this vote, I think it is very important to listen to other people’s views to help inform your decision, but at the end of the day, you have to recognise that this is their view and you need to make up your own mind from all the evidence you have collected.

So if it isn’t clear yet, I am a Yes voter. I was undecided for a long time. I think I fell victim to some of the No campaign’s scaremongering but after reading several articles and talking to many people (on both sides of the fence) I have made up my mind. I am voting Yes because I firmly believe that it’s right for Scotland.

Some good articles with helpful facts and/or opinions, I have included below. (pdf of “The Wee Blue Book” which contains a lot of info to help with your decision) (I found this guy’s view on the subject interesting because of his perspective from London) (Because everyone is so concerned with currency…. here is the full explanation. It’s quite long but it is phrased very clearly)


What do you think?

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